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The goal of the Società Internazionale Dermatoglifia S.I.D. (the International Dermatoglyphics Society I.D.S.), Salus Dermatoglifia is to continue the work conducted by Salus in South America in Europe: to further the scientific research, and to promote the disclosure and dissemination of the dermatoglyphic concepts and practices throughout Europe by organizing international courses and conferences.
In the United States and Russia, where the method has been more widely studied on a scientific level, Dermatoglyphics have been applied by obtaining ink fingerprints of the ten fingers to the selection, orientation and training of future Olympic champions.
In 2009, a team of researchers from the Laboratory of Physiology at the Southern Brazilian University of Unoesc, directed by Prof. Rudy Jose Nodari Junior and Alexandre Heberle, validated a software application that had been adapted to a biometric scanner (fingerprint reader), which was found to be much more rapid and precise with respect to ink fingerprint acquisition.

The university's progress in this field of technology is owed to its collaboration with Salus Dermatoglifia, a Brazilian scientific association founded in 2002 with the purpose of promoting the research and dissemination of Dermatoglyphics throughout South America.
Analysis of 12,000 athletes
The fingerprint scanner was therefore used to analyse 12,000 athletes in South America and Europe, including several Olympic champions: this extensive study succeeded in establishing correlations between specific fingerprint markers and the athletes' neuromotor characteristics.
The European developments
The scientific studies conducted in Brazil have been the subject of various publications and presentations at numerous international conferences sponsored by the Rede Euroamericana de Motricidade Humana REMH, a congregation of over 50 universities in Europe and Latin America that was conceived and founded by Prof. Estélio Dantas from the University of Rio de Janeiro.

The possibilities for academic and cultural exchange introduced by the REMH has even rendered the scientific dissemination of Dermatoglyphics possible in Europe: in 2015, Dr. Gianluca Bianco and Dr. Francesco Omarini founded the Società Internazionale Dermatoglifia S.I.D. (the International Dermatoglyphics Society I.D.S.), which is the proprietor of the FingerBrain trademark.
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European Project

The method Finger Brain borns from the goal of the S.I.D. to continue the work conducted by Salus in South America in Europe.

The final method developped os based on the scanned acquisition ofthe ten fingerprints to establish: Strenght, Endurance, Speed and Motor coordination of every individual.

Talent and Health

Understanding and analysing the expression of every individual's genetic potential.

these are identified as genetic markers and can be used for the sport talent orientation, prescription of a specific phisical activity and for prognosis and health promotion.

Talent Selection

In the United States and Russia, Dermatoglyphics have been applied ,by obtaining ink fingerprints of the ten fingers, to the selection, orientation and training of future Olympic champions.

With notebooks and scanners today, we were able to speed up this practice, thus bringing the selection of talents to a much higher level.

Fitness center, Sports Team and Talent Scouts

Through the fingerprint scanner, 12,000 athletes in South America and Europe have been analysed, among them some Olympic champions: from this long study were borns correlations between specific fingerprint marker and neuromotor characteristics of athletes.

As happened to some Olympic champions, even for professionals Team and Talent Scout there is the absolute concreteness of being able to establish: Strength, Endurance, Speed and Motor Coordination of each athlete. Even gyms and spa centres, can offer this service in the interests of preventive health and prescription of a particular type of activity.